In September 2016 during the Semester 7 project the base of Fontys@Work was created thanks to Sjriek Alers. That half year 7 mechatronics students worked very hard on the project to create the base for the Fontys@Work robot. It was not yet known that this robot would eventually enter the RoboCup@Work challenge. In Februari of 2017 the project was carried over to 6 Adaptive Robotics minor students. These 6 students got the task to make the robot competition ready to compete during the RoboCup@Work challenge at the 2017 German Open on 5,6 and 7 May. This is the moment that Fontys@Work was created as a robotics team. During the first month the idee occured to let Fontys@Work be a team that would compete every year during the RoboCup@Work challenge in the future. The focus was on student flow, sponsors and partners, better base, knowledge transfer, database and a solid test environment. The goal of Fontys@Work is to compete on a yearly base at the RoboCup@Work Challenge. The focus is on improving the industry. Fontys@work want to win challenges and at the same time create good and innovative solutions for the problems in the industrie. 


Fontys@Work Mission’s