Bjarne D. Wildschut

23 September 1996, 21 years old

3rd year HBO Mechatronica


Since I was little I liked to break stuff so I could take them apart and try to fix them.

What I like about mechanics most is to control them through software. To me, it is like bringing something to life that is not. The best part is that you are its creator. I am most interested in Embedded, Robotics and Automation.

During my internship, I focused on learning embedded programming and now with the minor, I am focusing on learning how to program robotics. In the future, I like to explore the automation side of mechatronics.

When I am finished with my Bachelor studies I am planning to do a master in Bionics.

Dave van der Meer

07 September 1995,  22 year old

3rd year HBO Mechatronics on Fontys


As a small child, I was always asking questions about everything. This has not changed at all as I still am very curious about everything I can imagine. I always wonder how things work.  Right now, I am studying Mechatronics engineering in the third year in which I am doing the minor Adaptive Robotics. This minor does not only allow me to understand how robots work, but it also gives me the chance to build and program robotic systems on myself. This makes me feel like bringing the future closer to us.

I am very fascinated about robotics, especially humanoid robot and how they interact with their environment and with humans. Whether we use humanoid robots in the future or not, I am quite sure that the same technology can be used to help people who need prosthesis. Therefore, I am looking forward to doing a master’s degree in Biomechatronics as soon as I finished my Mechatronics studies at Fontys.

Jasper de Weger


4th year ICT & Technology


I’ve always been interested in technical things. I loved all types of science and always had a special knack for it. I got good grades, easily understood new concepts and continued this throughout my whole education.

After I left high school my love for everything computer and electronics really kicked in. With my skillset and specific interests, I chose to start going more towards programming, especially embedded programming. I’d always been interested in robotics, and when the minor appeared to go deeper into this I immediately knew what I wanted to do.

Even after finishing my minor, which included me getting involved in this project, I’m not leaving the team, due to my enthusiasm in this project and thirst for more knowledge about the robotics space.

Karsten Vink

2 September 1996, 21 years old

4th year HBO Mechatronics


From when I was little I have always been fascinated by technology. I was always fixing things and taking them apart. I am really motivated to learn and I am curious about new technology.

The beauty of mechatronics is that it includes the whole process, from mechanical parts to the software that eventually makes the robot move. I am very interested in robotics because by working together with people they can mean a lot to us. For me a robot is never finished, there is always room for improvement to make it just that little faster, more accurate and more efficient.

I want to build a future where robots are not considered scary and dangerous, but on a future where people are working together with robots to get the maximum out of both. In a flexible factory robots do not belong in a cage, but they are equipped with sensors so that they can work around and with people.

Ruben Arts

16 August 1996, 21 years old

3rd year Mechatronics


The technical adventure for me started 2,5 yeas ago. I started with my study Mechatronics. From day one it was the best study for me. The lessons were short and the projects were the basis of our daily workload.

The software side of these projects was the most interesting for me. But during my internship I realized I do not only want to write software that simply runs a computer program. My software has to interact with the environment. What machine has a better interaction between the software and its environment than a robot?

This is why I wanted to join this project. It gives me the ability to learn about robots, adapt them and make them smart. Also the opportunity to challenge in the RoboCup is a big plus for me. This means I will have a really important deadline so I can really show what we have learned. Also the possibility to see other country’s and there implementations and solutions, for the problems we need to concur, is very exciting.

The ability to combine experience and knowledge is the best thing about working in teams. The downside of this is that you need a motivated team. I’m confident that the entire team is really motivated and is willing to give there maximum for this project. This will make it possible for us to accomplish more progress in less time. And eventually win the Robocup in Germany.

Tico Laugs

17 February 1998, 20 years old

3rd year HBO Mechatronics


From a young age it was clear that I wanted to know how the world works. The first thing I did (and admittedly still do) when I got a new toy was to screw it open, figure out how the mechanisms inside work, and often alter them to make it even more fun. As the saying goes ‘the only difference between men and boys is the size of their toys’, these days I am doing things like making a robotic arm pour the ‘perfect’ beer [1].

Both during my internship and as a mechatronics student I have learned that it is important to work together with people from different backgrounds and with different views. diverse project teams come up with new and unique answers to problems.

I find it important to finish what I start, I would rather work beyond the deadline to deliver something truly innovating than deliver something that is half finished.

After I complete my bachelor studies I want to do my part in innovating the world of technology in a clean and safe manner. I want to find a job/field where I can make a difference in making robots that can take over the dull, dirty, dangerous and dear jobs from humans. Which leaves the humans to design and invent new things.