Visitation Sint Lambertus elementary school 20 march 2018

Thursday morning, 03-20-2018, three members of our team went to the Sint Lambertus elementary school in Asten. The question came from Kees Adriaanse, he arranged the visit with the school.

Our program consisted of 3 parts: explaining what a robot is and what it can be used for, then explaining what you need to build a robot and after that we showed them our robot and what it can be used for.

We showed the kids our robot and we mapped the little course they setup for us in the gymhall. As soon as the map was made we could autonomously drive the robot around the course without bumping into objects. It was also possible to control the robot with the game controller of a playstation 4. When we asked if one of the kids would like to control the robot all the children reacted enthusiastic. So we chose one boy and one girl of every group and let them control the robot at a low speed.

The lesson was in three groups of about 40 children all from group 1 till 8. We got a lot of interaction and questions from the kids. We are already looking forward to the next event where we can teach others about the abilities and functions of a robot. We had a lot of fun on our own and with the childeren.